Movie: “Bee Movie”

I took my daughter to the “Bee Movie” yesterday. As an adult, I did not find the movie very entertaining, especially about a talking bee suing the honey industry. I can probably appreciate the good storyline about the limited bee career, being locked into a very narrow field for the rest of his life, because sometimes we human feel the same way about our own careers. Drawing the similarity of the bees to being enslaved by human and appealing to the public about the inhumane condition of bees are brilliant. We often don’t see the consequences of our action. However, going through the long trial of convincing the jury that the bees own the right to all the honey and the marketing right is bit of a stretch. I don’t know how many kids can truly understand the legal process.

This is a typical “underdog-turned-hero” success story or the “hero-journey” story, like most of the “Disney” movies. The only differences are the main characters – the bee and its colony. The audiences can be expected to learn a few things about the bees and how they’re needed to cross-pollinate flowers and trees. They play an important role for the environment we live in. In other words, it’s a good PR for bees.

Jerry Sinefeld played the voice of the main bee character, Barry. I felt that he screamed throughout of the movies – trying to be “animated.” It’s a far departure from the subtleness of being a good comedian.

Overall, the “Bee Movie” deserves a ‘B’ in my evaluation. There are a few good lines. The story just doesn’t seem believable to me. Of course, they didn’t target me in their market study. The kids seem to enjoy themselves though.