Movie “Cool Hand Luke” – Paul Newman

I watched this movie on Netflix’s Roku device. This is wonderful way to watch oldies and goodies on TV. The only complaint I have is the lack of caption on the movies. Sometimes, it’s hard to comprehend the speech without the captions.

Luke, the central character in the movie, portrayed by Paul Newman is a renegade young guy, who is glutton for punishments. Luke got drunk and starting cutting off the parking meters. After being imprisoned in a country-side prison with a sadistic warden, Luke kept running away from the prison for at least 3 times. The last time he ran away, he went out with a big bang, shot by the sharp shooter of the prison.

The most impressive plot in this movie is his eating 58 eggs within an hour to win a bet. Playing up to the prison guards is pretty funny too. You just know that he’s going to get hurt but he kept doing it.

Paul Newman’s performance in the movie was outstanding. Without his performance, this movie doesn’t really have sufficient plot to keep people interested, except for the commodarie among the prisoners, which is not realistic given what we know about today’s prisoners. I don’t know if the prisoners nowadays are being treated the same way; it’s what “doing the hard time” is all about.

Paul Newman just died of lung cancer on 9/26/08 at the age of 83. The old blue-eye left us lots of movies including “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, great charities, and Paul Newman food products.

I’ll slowly catch up to his old movies now I have the Roku.