Movie “Hancock” by Will Smith

Watched it on DVD. It’s about a superhero who didn’t act like one and behaved badly, a superhero who desperately needs a PR (Public Relations) person. As he started to improve his image, the PR person’s wife turned out to be his wife, who had separated from him since he lost his memory 80+ years ago in Miami. It turned out that as the couple gets closer, the more mortal or human they became, thus susceptible to such hazards like bullets and knife cuts. The happy ending is that they need to stay separated so Hancock can be the hero, and his ex-wife can be a good wife to his PR person.

Lots of special effects and computer graphics, almost like video games. I suppose it appeals to the young generation who play video games a lot. But I don’t buy the movie and the storyline.

Bad movie. 2 stars from me.