Movie Review “2012”

The end of the world is near, thanks for the huge solar flare and alignments of the planets within the Solar system which cracked the crust of earth and cause huge tectonic plate shifts and big time tsunami. The movie is about a man’s struggle (John Cusak, a philosopher with a full-time chauffeur job for a Russian billionaire) to save his family and the heads of the countries to save only selective people with wealth and power from the world destruction. Several giant ships like Noah’s ark were built in China (probably due to their cost-effective manufacturing prowess) to maintain human civilization. The only interesting moral topic to consider is the trade offs in selecting the people to bring in the ark. The reality plays out as only the powerful and the wealthy (over $1B) get to enter the salvation – not very Christian-like but it’s reality when God is not consulted in the decision-making process.

This is a no-brainer movie with lots of computer graphics involving volcanic, earthquake, car chases, tsunami, airplane, cruise ship, the big ark ship and etc. No bad for people who are into computer-graphics movies. And I did enjoy it, which kept me awake one hour past my bed time. This is the kind of movie to pick you up when there are things that really bother you at work and at home.