Movie Review: A very long engagement

A fiance’s relentless pursuit of the truth to find out what happened to his fiance after being court- marshaled and sent to the battle field to die – a touching French love story that unfolds as the woman peeled layers and layers of stories from each witness who saw the events from all different perspectives. Along the way, several intriguing stories crossed the path like a grieving widow turning into a serial killer to revenge on her man’s death.

Did her man die or not? She finally found his grave site. Did she give up?

No, she was rewarded at the end seeing her man, memory loss due to the shell shock, in a calm and vastly different environment. He was adopted unknowingly to him by a woman who lost her son to the battle when her son’s tag was swapped.

The movie was long, 2 hrs and 15 mins, but the ending was well worth the wait. I was surprised to see Jodie Foster in this movie playing a widow speaking fluent French.

It was a very long engagement for the couple indeed – from being the childhood sweethearts to his departing for war and re-uniting with and then re-acquainting him all over again. Now that’s love!