Movie Review: “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans”

The bad lieutenant epitomize the exact opposite of a good lieutenant should be. He takes drugs/dopes, takes sexual brides, gambles habitually, blackmails players to shave points, and many other bad deeds. He bends the rules, plants the evidences, steals dope from the property room, and lies to justify his drug habit and his perception of justice. His deeds sent a chill through your spine what an addict is capable of doing, much less an law officer. His good underlying quality: caring for the victim, his father, and his prostitute girl friend. Throughout the movie, I kept thinking that he’s on a suicidal path and he’s going to die a horrible death. But somehow at the end, he manages to get a promotion but remaining a drug addict. How did he get away with them all is just beyond me. It would probably happens only in New Orleans. Nicolas Cage acts his part very well and is quite believable. I can’t say I enjoyed the movie but it opened my eyes about the inner working of law enforcement.