Movie Review: “Changeling”

A 9-year-old boy, Walter Collins, went missing one night. The career woman mother tried to get the LA police to look for him. She ended up getting a different boy and got thrown into a psycho ward, courtesy of the LA Police’s cover up. Unfortunately, the boy was already killed by a serial boy murderer, who was later arrested and hung. The woman got a jolt of hope when a boy escaped from the chicken ranch and told about Walter’s role in getting him to escape.

It’s a good movie that says something about the corrupt state of the Los Angeles Police department in that era and the people who fell victims to the abuses and rose against it. But mostly it speaks strongly about mother’s love for her son – never giving up along the way.

Angelina Jolie’s acting is very good. She can go from glamor to the rag and rise above it more beautiful and determined. Clint Eastwood directed a very good movie based on a true story that happened in Wineville, CA (renamed to Mira Loma after the notorious case).