Movie Review: “David Copperfield” by Charles Dickens

I wanted to read this novel but I figure the best way is to watch the DVD first to give a better idea whether I should read this classic book.

The movie started out when David Copperfield was born to a young mother who just lost her husband to illness. But he was loved by his mother and the maid (Peggoty) until his mother married another husband and later died. His fate took a drastic turn for the worse and became a child labor in London, where he met Mr. Micawber – the perennial debtor and Mr. Wickfield. Things got better when he went to find his aunt – Betsey Trotwood, who adopted him. Later he grew up and fell in love with his boss’ (Spenlow) daughter, Dora.

When the fortune of Betsey Trotwood turned for the worse, she and Mr. Dick moved in with Copperfield. After Dora died, David married Agnes Wickfield and had three children, the last one turned out to be a girl that appeals to the godmother, Betsey.

This is a great novel with many wonderful characters: good and bad. I’m certain the writings on the book form is spectacular. I’ll probably read it after all on one of my vacations.

This Wiki link is helpful too.