Movie Review “Dolphin Tale”

Unlike other dolphin or whale movie, this movie played the handicap angle very well. So a dolphin was beached and tangled in the wires of crab trap. He was rescued by this self-inhibited, late-developed kid, Sawyer. Sawyer’s handicap complements the dolphin’s (Winter’s) handicap – amputated tail and got her to start living beyond her disability. Another character, Sawyer’s cousin was injured in the Iraq war and found consolation on Sawyer’s effort to get Winter to live like a normal dolphin. Of course, the entire movie is about handicapped underdogs’ finding their life meaning and living to their full potential.

It’s a feel-good movie for someone who’s down on himself/herself due to his/her disability. Living above their disabilities and making the best of life is the best policy. Why not? Life is too short.