Movie Review: “Eat Pray Love”

A woman writer fell out of love with her husband and went on a spiritual journey to find happiness and finally met the man of her love. Along the way, she traveled to Italy, learned Italian, met new friends. In Italy, she drew metaphor of the thousand-year Roman ruins to her own life. What a mess it was. She pitied herself. Then she traveled to India to learn meditating from the Guru and met Richard from Texas, who taught her to forgive herself and love herself again. Then she traveled back to Bali to meet with the smart fortune teller, Ketut, who taught her the life balance and to love again. In Bali, she also fell in love with Felipe, who almost ran her off the road who fell in love with her.

I like and enjoy this movie and recommend this movie to anyone gripping with life balance issues. You don’t have to pray and meditate but sometimes it’s the wondering mind that tricks us into thoughts that steer us away from our true life meaning. Julia Roberts acts so well in this movie, very believable. The beautiful scenery of Italy and Bali is a big treat. Makes you want to travel too.