Movie Review: “Get Smart” DVD

“Get Smart” TV series were my favorite when I was a teenager. Agent 86 was the underdog Control secret agent who always got into trouble but managed to get things done one way or another, with the help of agent 99.

In this remake movie, agent 86 was the loyal, hardworking, detail-oriented analyst who had just lost 150 lbs and was launched into a field agent 86 because of the break-in to the Control headquarter, when the agents identities were compromised. He partnered with agent 99 and fell in love with her while working with her, each saving the other’s life on more than one occasion. Smart had many “shining” moments while helped compensate his shortcomings and impressed the re-made, beautiful Agent 99.

After demolishing the KAOS’ nuclear weapon production factory, Maxwell Smart got framed (by Agent 23, “Rock”) and jailed because it was found that the “Yellow Cake” was nowhere to be found. As it turned out, KAOS’ target was the assassination of the US President, who was scheduled to enjoy a concert in LA. Agent 86 managed to escape from the prison, foiled KAOS’ mass destruction scheme and saved the President.

The movie plot was silly like the original “Get Smart” TV series. Lots of elements like opening and closing of the “secret” doors, “cone of silence,” “shoe phone,” “Missed by that much,” “Hymie,” and etc. were preserved for nostalgia’s sake. This wouldn’t have appealed to people who hadn’t watched the show before like the younger generation but it surely brought back lots of memory for me.