Movie Review “Ghostwriter”

The ghostwriter of the memoir for the ex-prime minister, Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan), of Britain died in the process of wrapping up the book. A new ghostwriter was hired and he may just run into a similar fate as he uncovered strange connection of the prime minister’s past in Cambridge University to a conspiracy. The story of how he became interested in politics from theatrical arts/acting because of meeting his wife, Ruth, simply didn’t add up chronologically. Stop reading here if you don’t want me to ruin the ending.

The clues started to fall in places when he followed the ex-ghostwriter to the last place he visited – the old classmate of Adam Lang, Paul Emmett and link Paul to CIA. He concluded that the Prime Minister was hired by CIA and working for CIA all these time.

After Adam was assassinated, the memoir book was released and the ghostwriter’s job was done. Was it? The final twist was that he discovered that the real CIA agent was Adam’s wife, Ruth, who he saw talking with Emmett at the celebration party of the book release. He confronted Ruth through a note passed to her. And the last scene of the movie was someone, presumably, the ghostwriter, was run over by a fast car, thus the highlighted “Ghost” in the movie title.

The movie was interesting and kept the audience guessing why the original ghostwriter died and what transgression Adam Lang committed, other than the war crimes of handing the terrorist prisoners to US. Though Adam Lang’s accomplishments in UK resembles that of Tony Blair, who cooperated very closely with US during the Iraq War. Is it a fictionalized conspiracy or is it a real conspiracy? Very interesting indeed. I enjoyed the movie. Highly recommended.