Movie Review: “King’s Speech”

The story of King’s Speech is about England King George VI’s (Berti) stuttering/stammering speech issue and how he overcame that through a commoner’s (Lionel Louge) help. It was a time before the start of World War II when strong assertion of leadership was needed in light of Hilter’s aggression. A well-delivered speech was especially important at the onset of the live broadcasting in the 1930’s at that time. There were dramas of King George V’s death, the accession and rescission of the kingship by King’s George VI’s brother. The new king was only the Duke of York and were not supposed to inherit the kingship but he met the challenge when his brother let go the rein to marry a twice-divorced woman. Call that love.

Thanks to the movie, I got to research a bit about England’s monarchy and the king being the head of the church. I also found that Queen Elizabeth II is the daughter to King George VI. It wasn’t that long ago. It’s rather encouraging that even a king needs to work hard to overcome his handicap. An interesting movie.