Movie Review “Lakeview Terrace”

A white man (Chris)/black woman (Lisa) couple moved in to the neighborhood next to a black cop’s (Able Turner) house. Things started to deteriorate really fast when the couple was making love on their pool, visible to the cop’s young kids and Chris didn’t help by flicking his cigarettes to his loan. Turner lost his wife three years earlier to a car accident, suspected to be driving with her “white” lover. The new neighbors really touched a nerve. He staged to a vandalism on Chris’ home and ended up shooting his accomplice to cover up. At the end, the shoot out occurred when Chris found the dead guy’s cell phone with Able’s phone number. Able was shot down by his own LAPD.

Samuel Jackson (Turner) seemed to have role locked up and played a very believable “bad” cop. Though the plot was simple and doesn’t have many twists and depth, it did keep me interested throughout the movie. I can imagine what it’s like to be living next to a bully with a badge. If I were they, I would just move out of there when the Prius’ tires were slashed. Why gamble with the wildfire in Los Angeles and live next to a psychotic washed-out cop.