Movie Review “Life as a House”

Selected this movie to watch because Dr. Ariely mentioned it in his “Upside of Irrationality.” Thanks to the Netflix streaming and the instant gratification, I was able to watch it instantly. The movie is about a man (Kevin Kline) got fired from his house modeling job after 20 years. In the heat of anger, he smashed all the models in the firm before walking out. But he collapsed on the way out and discovered that he had cancer and only months to live. He decided to rebuild the the old house on the cliff overseeing the Pacific ocean, and invited or forced his son to do it with him. Through the process, he won the love of his ex-wife who left her current husband to join him rebuilding the house. But most of all, he won the heart of his teenager son, who was about to turned bad. In the end, he died from his illness but his son got the house completed and fulfilled his wishes.

This is a heartwarming story about a man who was never really happy until he stared death in front of him and decided it’s his last chance to be happy. And he wanted to share it with his son and passed on “something” to his son. It’s amazing that we often resort to do the “right” thing just when our time is about to run out. This movie motivates not to do that. Our lives are really short and we never really know when we’re supposed to check out. It’s the best policy to do the right thing all the time.

Kevin Kline was fantastic in this movie. The intricate funny business among the neighbors in the cul-de-sac reminds me of an old soap opera. Overall it’s a good movie, worth watching for those who haven’t got their priority straight yet in their lives.