Movie Review: “Mall Cop”

“Mall Cop” is the typical underdog-that-makes-good story. The underdog, Paul Blart (Kevin James, in “King of Queens”) has a weight and hyperglycemia problems that prevented him to serve in the New Jersey trooper and kept him as a mall cop/security guard. He had a crush on this lady running a hair cart in the mall. A devious scheme led by one of his young partners to rob the mall shops of the credit card codes (I don’t know how that’s possible, but I’ll go along) shut down the entire mall and took his girl hostage. Of course, Paul Blart turned into a hero and rescue his girl and his daughter from the hands of the bad guys due to his cleverness. And at the end, the SWAP team leader, his ex-high-school bully, turned into one of the co-conspirator of the scheme and he was put down by Blart’s boss – a corny twist at the end.

This slack-stick comedy movie is predictable and is probably a feel-good movie for those with weight problem in the audience, which are increasing in number for the US. As a side note, I noticed the movie took place in the Burlington Mall in Burlington, MA, where I visited a couple of times for their Legal Seafood. Also, I don’t think I ever saw in mall the use of the Segway. It could be dangerous for the shopper as the Segway can move pretty fast.

Overall, it’s a no-brainer movie for those who need a uplift in spirit.