Movie Review: “Of Mice and Men”

This is an adaptation from John Steinbeck’s book of the same name. I meant to read his book but I figure watching the video is the quickest way to get an idea of the plot.

Two men, one sturdy small (George) and one huge built like a bull (Lennie), got hired to tend the hay field as hired hands. They just ran away from the previous job because Lennie got them in trouble by being mistaken as assaulting a woman. Lennie was a bit retarded but rough, fit to lift heavy things. The two men along with an old man, Candy, was supposed to buy a 10-acre land and build their own dream house and “tend the rabbits.” Unfortunately, Lennie got in trouble again by accidentally breaking the boss’s daughter-in-law’s neck as he handled her rough in a panic. Now it’s up to George to do what’s best for Lennie, not allowing Lennie to be captured and killed by others. By their value system at that time, it’s best that the brave one ends the love one’s life like a master euthanizes an old faithful dog. The symbolism was strong and clear.

Gary Sinise (George) and John Malkovich were amazing and very believable. They really brought the story to live. The story plot was simple enough for the viewers to pay attention to the dialogs and subtlety. This is a great movie made from a great novel.