Movie Review: Outsourced

Boy’s job got outsourced to India. Boy went to India to train the people who will take over his job. Boy met a smart girl. Boy had a “vacation in Goa” and got to understand India and its people. Boy came back home jobless (gave his future Shanghai job to his subordinate) but a much better person, appreciative of culture and family values.

It’s a funny movie about an American man’s journey to a foreign culture. Some of the interesting subplots: got sick from eating shaved ice from a street vendor, hopped on a scooter car instead of taxicab, visit to the poorest part of the town and ate a meal with them, explanation of American idioms and how Americans use some of the merchandises, how Americans hate outsourcing but like the low-costs, Indian culture of arranged marriage from childhood, and etc.

Like the main character, I’ve learned a few things about Indian culture. There is some stereotyping of course but harmless.