Movie Review: “Resident Evil: Degeneration”

Rented this movie on Netflix. Didn’t know what it is and was surprised to see it was an animation film. The plot was simple and no different than a typical monster movie. Few people’s greed turned a T-virus and even G-virus into an zombie epidemic starting from an airport. The added dimension was that the ultimate monster was previously a victim who went on a revenge spree. The new G-virus infected monster was a lot more powerful than the Incredible Hulk, who couldn’t even remember his own sister and wanted to mate with her to propagate the odd species. In any case, Leon, the ultimate American Idol like hero, saved the day and captured the bad scientist, who sold the secret to the terrorist.

The animation was quite well done though the facial expression still look woody. I believe the film was animated and produced by Japanese. Not bad. Wished the movie plot was a lot smarter.