Movie Review “Sex Drive”

It’s basically a movie about a young boy driven by hormone to search out sex partner across the country and ended up hooking up with his best friend. Sometimes, your best partner may be standing right in front of you all along. The main character, Ian, is the ever-apologizing, nice, virgin boy trying to have his first sexual experience. By pretending to be a “hunk,” he found a girl on Internet who’s willing to meeting up with him hundreds of miles away. Little did Ian know that it was a car-theft scheme to hijack his GTS car, which he “borrowed” from his homophobic brother (who later turns out to be gay). He drove across the country with his two pals and his “cool” friend, happened to ran into this Amish girl, when his car ran into troubles and got stuck in the Amish community. Lots of interesting events occurred in the Amish community and along their travel (tree of shoes, got thrown in the jail).

Overall, it’s a pretty hilarious movie. The ending is good and the characters (brother, parents, the weird duos, and etc.) are general lovable. The Amish angle is new and the use of the internet is new. Other than those, it’s not much different than American Pie.