Movie Review: “Shrink”

A shrink (Kevin Spacek) for the big stars in Hollywood had a burn-out and a drug problem from his work and his wife’s suicide. A young girl (Shemma) was having issues dealing with her mother’s suicide. By helping her and another client, the shrink was able to help himself and found himself a love of his life. Finally, they all ended up in movies roles: writer, producers and etc. It’s like having a movie within a movie.

There were several other interesting characters to keep the movie interesting: an obsessive-impulsive-disorder talent agent, a self-sacrificing, door-mat, talented, pregnant surrogate secretary, over-the-hill sex-addicted actor (Robbin Williams), a drug-addicted handsome actor on top of his game, and etc.

Kevin Specek was getting really old with baggy eyes and smoking non-stop – not a good model. Good acting, nevertheless.

The moral of the story is that people will do what they do (like suicides or drugs) and they need not have a reason. The people who are impacted need not to seek the reason but instead should try to be happy as much as they can and make the best of it. It’s OK to moan and grieve but don’t destroy your own life. That’s the way!