Movie Review: “Stranger Than Fiction”

An IRS agent living like a droid became a main character of fiction novel narrated by a famous author. Just when he finally loosened up and fell in love with a baker who he audited, he was about to be killed to end the book. The reality got messed up by the fiction or the fiction author turned into a God that could change the fate of a man. The man, Harold Cricks, decided to change the ending and looked for the author after being connected with a literature professor (Dustin Hoffman). Was he able to convince the author to re-write the ending and change his fate? Will Ferrel, one of my favorite SNL comedian, did a great job in this movie. Thought the movie plot was silly but Will made the movie very believable. The other actress were outstanding as well. This was the first time I browsed through all the extra materials in the DVD and found them rather useful to understand how the movie was made. (Stop here if you don’t want the ending ruined).

At the end, the author decided to change the ending to save Harold’s life sacrificing the perfect literature ending because she found him to be very save-able after his knowing his end and was still willing to accept his fate and mission of saving the child from being run over by the bus. This is a life dilemma. I doubt I will able to do that if I am able to believe in predestination by a fiction writer.

Really enjoyed the movie. Thumbs up from me.