Movie Review: Superbad

Two high-school soon-to-graduate best friends went on the last adventure together to purchase boozes for a party to look cool in front of the girls. With the help of another friend, Fogel, who happened to have a fake ID with “McLovin” last name. The whole ordeal was simply hilarious and the dialog was truly honest and believable with lots of foul languages – just like teenager boys loaded with hormone would do to score with girls. The cops who rode with McLovin were not your typical cops; they were just as loose as your irresponsible teenagers – not quite as believable.

A couple of strange stories stood out for me:
– Seth ended up with a blood stain on his pants from dancing with a girl who’s having a period.
– McLovin got punched on the face while trying to purchase the alcohol drinks with a fake ID.
– Cops’ use of sirens, flashlights and other trickery just to appear to conduct normal police business.
– The boys stayed as virgins after getting so close to scoring.

This movie is hilarious and the plots are something most men can probably associate with and reflect upon during those crazy years with issues of college anxiety, self identity, and high sexual drive. Highly recommended.