Movie Review: The Cheyenne Social Club

Netflix’s description:
“After the death of his estranged brother, John O’Hanlan (James Stewart) inherits a thriving business in Wyoming known as the Cheyenne Social Club. The virtuous cowboy and his confidant Harley Sullivan (Henry Fonda) trek across the open plains to Cheyenne, only to discover that John’s bestowal is actually a well-known brothel. Now, he must resolve to ratify his existing enterprise or discontinue the dissolute dealings.”

John went to Cheyenne with an idealism of being a property owner. Little did he know that this property is worthless without being a whorehouse. Thanks to the bad guy, Banister, who beat up one of his girls and he shot the guy with some luck. John became the hero of the town after shooting and killing all but one of the Banister gang. Upon hearing there will be more of the gang coming to seek revenge, he quickly gave up the ownership of the Cheyenne Social Club and went back to Texas to work on cattle.

For some reasons, Jimmy Stewart tends to play a goody, goody, virtuous man – probably inherited from his role in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Henry Fonda plays a talkative good friend who followed John around for 10 years. This movie has a little of the wild wild west shooting, horsing around with loose women (John’s girls), friendship, and the good old American individualism. Sherie Jones plays the leader of the girls in the brothel (whore house) with dignity and glamor.

Not a bad movie for a movie made in 1970. The conversation was interesting and funny. I enjoyed the move.