Movie Review: “The Debt”

Watched this movie on the plane. This is a thriller movie about the plot to kidnap an evil Nazi physician who performed experiments on babies. The three agents (one woman and two men) received high honor in Israel in killing the physician in an ill-fated attempt. But the truth is that the physician outsmarted them and escaped. One man’s life was destroyed (killing himself) in his desperate attempt to avoid facing his failures: one on kidnapping the physician and another one on capturing/confirming his love for the female agent, who married the more promiscuous agent because she was pregnant with his child as part of the act to trick the physician. It’s a thrill to see the chase for the physician 30 years later as before and the final struggle to do him in.

Overall, this movie kept me on my edge of my seat and kept me guessing what’s going to happen next based on the flashback hints dropped throughout the movie. The debt of hiding the truth and yet being honored as heroes was too big of a debt for the three agent to bear. Very well done. I like it.