Movie Review: “The Incredible Hulk”

The hulk, Bruce Banner (Tim Roth), is being hunted by the General (William Hurt) who wants the turn ordinary people to super soldiers. Bruce escaped to South America but was still tracked down. He met up with his old girlfriend, General’s daughter, and went looking for the University professor in search of the cure. The stumbling professor turned his rival into an “Abomination” monster and had the final showdown. Of course, he saved the girl at the end. Of course, there was a lot of fighting with advanced military weapons and between the two hulks, thanks to the computer graphic animation.

This movie is rather predicable and slow. The 1-hr-54-min movie can be easily cut down to an hour without losing any contents. The two hulks did a lot of damage to New York city, reminding me of the King Kong movie, especially coupled with a girl victim who fell in love with the Hulk. The lead in to another sequel is paved with the entry of Robert Downey Jr. at the end.