Movie Review: “The Professional”

An illiterate “professional” Italian killer, Leon, found himself living with a neighbor’s young girl (Mathilda) whose family got murdered by a bad DEA cop and his gang. The man grew attached to the girl as he taught her to “clean” and learned to “live” a little from the girl.

The final showdown happened when the girl tried to kill unsuccessfully the man who killed her family but rescued by Leon, who cleaned out the DEA office in the process. The cops came back and converged on where they lived with full force. Though both came out alive separately through their smart, Leon was recognized by the bad DEA guy and took a bullet from him. Before he died, he blew himself up along with the bad DEA agent. Mathilda was taken care of when Leon “willed” all his earnings to Mathilda through his arrangement with his Italian boss.

This is an action-packed, gun slinging movie with some heart-warming, funny moments between Leon and Mathilda. The both are better off at the end. I enjoyed the movie a lot.