Movie Review “Thomas Jefferson” by PBS

This is my first time using Netflix’s instant play. It seems to work well except that the player must run on Internet Explorer. I like the feature that the player resumes from where you watched last.

This is a 3-hr long documentary about Thomas Jefferson. I have read John Adam’s story, so some of the facts have been duplicated and confirmed.

PBS portrayed Jefferson as a blessing as well as a curse to this nation. He’s a blessing because he laid the foundation of freedom of speech, religion and thin government for this country. He’s a curse because, contradictory to his own belief about freeing the slaves, he himself did not free his own slaves and turned one of his slave girl (Hemming) into his mistress. As a result, he is known for his genius writing on the declaration of independence and the founding of the Virgina University, bu as well as a hypocrite for not practicing what he preaches.

Jefferson died on the 50th year (1826) to the declaration of independence. And his late relationship and letter exchanges with John Adams served to express their deep thoughts – true treasures to this country. Jefferson is also an optimist. He believes that “the future is going to be better than the past.” His words were shaped and re-shaped to transcend a new reality for this country. Jefferson also holds that strong beliefs about the two conditions of America: Everyone has a right to equal treatment by the law and equal opportunity to modest prosperity. This is what American dreams are made of.

Jefferson has lived up to his best during his life time. Is he more important to United States than George Washington? Perhaps.