Movie Review: “Traitor”

Samir Horn (Don Cheadle), a child witnessed the death of his father in Yemen from a terrorist-planted car bomb. Fast forwarded to the present. He started out as an undercover agent selling bombs to terrorist. But one of the operations blew up, thanks to non-cooperation between FBI and CIA; he was captured as a prisoner in Yemen. While in the Yemen jail, he was recruited to be the bomb technologist for a major terrorist organization. Starting out planting a bomb in the American Embassy in Nice, France, he rose to top of the terrorist organization to work on the next big plot. Somehow, Samir ended up killing his contact at the CIA in order to protect his cover. Now, he became a real terrorist. By foiling the master plot though killing all 30 suicide-bomber operatives in one bus and ambushing the heads of the terrorist organization, he found himself all of a sudden became a hero, an honor he would rather not take.

So he is a traitor to the Islam jihad. But his loyalty lies in the God of his Islam religion.

This is a very good movie and it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the movie. It shows the twisted perspective of the terrorists and the ambivalent feelings of the Muslims toward the terrorist. Very interesting. Highly recommended.