Movie Review: “Twilight Zone – The Movie”

Four short-story movies get folded to one, in keeping with the spirit of the original “Twilight Zone,” which I was really fond of growing up.

The first story is about the worst nightmare for a bigot saleman who got thrown into the German soldiers as a Jewish, a KKK rally as a blackman, a shower of bullets by US soldier in Vietnam. This is like the “It’s a Wonderful Life” for a not-so-good prejudiced man.

The second story is about a man who walked into a elder care facility (called “Sunnyvale”, the city I live in) and turned them into young-in-heart persons, playing “kicking the can.” The interesting part is that most of the elderlies didn’t want to go back being young again, preferring to stay just young in heart. Why re-living your life? What the fun in that? Savor the memory and move on. I like it.

The third story is about a young boy with extraordinary power to turn wishes (including cartoons) into realities. Adults and elderlies were afraid of him, who trapped a passing-through woman into his house. But she managed to tame him to control his power at the end. It’s a bit spooky in the beginning but ends nicely.

The last story is the classic Twilight clip that the young William Shatner acted in. It is the ultimate nightmare for a person afraid of flying in the plane, who saw a monstor breaking down the airplane engines in a severe thunderstorm. No one believed him but he might have saved the lives of the entire plane passengers, though he ended up in a crazy house, ironically. Sometime, you just have to give people the benefit of the doubt, no matter how silly it may be.

This movie is only so so. It’s hard to re-do a classic without coming short of people’s expectation and nostagia.