Movie Review “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

Wow, started watching this because of good review on Netflix. Never knew how a couple or any people can be so cruel to each other. It’s so emotionally draining!

While guzzling down bottles of booze, the dysfunctional couple went at each other verbally and physically in the presence of another couple. All the resentments, disappointments rose to the top and burst, fed by the dynamics of the other couple. They were “games” played – the hurt games and there were lies, like the boy they never had to keep the audience interested. This movie reminded so much of the marriages I know at the ICU death bed. Nowadays, people simply get divorced and moved on. But the brave ones remain in the marriage to fight it out just like the movie. It’s sad. Life is too short for that.

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were wonderful in this movie. I can see how this script could make a good Broadway show: 3 acts and lots of acting and conversations – probably too much conversations for today’s audience. Would I recommend this movie? Maybe, to the people in terminally-ill marriages.