Movie Review: Get Smart

I didn’t hear good review about this movie so I watched this movie on DVD. As a person who grew up with Get Smart series in the 70’s, I was really looking forward to this movie but was disappointed.

Maxwell Smart was just a lowly intelligence analyst with a penchant for long, tedious details and who just lost 150 lbs in weight. He got promoted to agent 86 when the identities of field agents were “compromised.” He and agent 99 were sent to Russia to find out what KAOS was up to. He was then set up by Agent 23, performed by Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and sent to jail, being suspected as a double agent. With his “smart,” Maxwell got out of the jail and flew to Los Angeles to save the President, where he attended an orchestra that had an atomic bomb rigged under the piano. After saving the President, he lived ever after with Agent 99.

Some interesting improved gadgets like the “cone of silence” was as broken as before. The others include the shoe phone, radioactivity meter watch and etc. Some of the funny scenes include the tango dance with an overweight woman, Bill Murray as a lonely agent hidden inside a tree trunk, and the jump off from a tall building with a high-voltage electric wire.

It’s not the same as “24” but comes close to its ridiculous plot. Of course, the lack of public enemy like KAOS, insinuating the “Russian empire,” makes the story not as believable as back in the 70’s or 80’s. This movie brought back some nostalgia about the 70’s but the current macro setting doesn’t lend well to a movie like this.