My Favorite Gardening Youtube Channels – And You’ll Learn A Lot Too

After catching the gardening bug, I’ve been busy reading AND watching lots of Youtube gardening help videos. Here are my favorite YouTube gardening channels:

1. Grow You Green by John Koeler: Growyourgreen. John Koeler is passionate about growing your green at home. He goes on field trips to visit stores, gardens, conferences and bring back lots of new, interesting things to the self-made gardeners/audiences. His videos are often long with good entertainment value if you don’t mind the occasional “preaching.”

2. MphGardener Mr. MphGardener taught me so much about hydroponic gardening and somewhat fact-based tricks behind it. Very informative and down to earth if you don’t mind the religious lean.

3. Gary Pilarchik’s Rusted Garden and his Rusted Garden blog. Gary gives very concise tips and instructions on gardening. You can learn a lot within a short time.

4. Praxxus55712: Ray fashioned an easy-going, happy gardening method. He raised turkeys, chickens and a wonderful co-host, Rascal, the dog. It’s so relaxing to watch him and learn from him.

5. LDSpepper: LDSpepper also gives lots of good gardening tips and setting up the garden. He promotes the Mittleider Gardening Method, which seems a bit dogmatic to me. Informative but corny at times.

6. Grow Organic Peaceful Valley or their website: Professionally-done videos hosted by ??. Excellent videos to teach organic gardening. Some of the videos are designed to promote things they sell – informative, nevertheless.

I hope to seen share some of gardening experience on this site. Stay tuned…