My Visit to Hong Kong’s Ritz Carlton at Sky 100 – Views from the 104th floor dining room

For work, I recently traveled to China via Hong Kong. Had an opportunity to have a breakfast at Ritz Carlton top of the Sky 100 – the tallest building (1,588 ft) in Hong Kong. This beautifully-architected ICC Tower building stands tall in the Kowloon area.

Took some pictures from inside the Ritz Carlton here:

Panoramic View from the big dining room:
2013-09-27 08.51.34

Panoramic Windows View of the Victoria Harbor:
2013-09-27 09.25.12

A good view from the men’s room.
2013-09-27 09.46.18

Lobby level – looks down from the top:
2013-09-27 09.41.56

Formal Dining Room – Panoramic View
2013-09-27 09.44.53