My Yam (Sweet Potato) Harvest

I planted the yam or sweet potato in my raise bed over 3 months ago when the yam we bought from supermarket sprouted. It has since taken up a big part of the raised bed. So I decided to harvest it to make room for the upcoming winter crop or other edible plants that don’t take up as much space. Below is a video of my harvest.

I didn’t get much new yam out of this crop. I suspected my 6″ raised bed was simply not deep enough for this type of the plant. Should have planted it in a container. But I did manage to harvest lots of leaves, which I later found to have high nutritional value. See this video for someone who has eaten the leaves and lived to tell us about it:

Here’s a picture of the Yam Leaves dish that my wife cooked up. It’s sauteed with garlic:
Yam Leaves
Lessons Learned:

  1. Plant yam in a container so it doesn’t compete for soil space.
  2. In addition to the yam root, yam leaves can be harvested and have high nutritional value.