Power of Five – Motivation Marketing Forces by Robert Imbriale

I listened to this audio CD from Dan Kennedy: “Motivation Marketing: How to effectively motivate your prospects to buy now, buy more and tell their friends too.”

These are the five buttons to push to motivate people to buy:

1. To be connected and loved. We all want to be connected and be part of community. Like the “Cheers” song, “we will want to be go where people know our name.”

2. Get something for free or at a bargain price. “Free” always catches people’s eyes. “Sale” is the next best thing.

3. Magic bullet/potion/formula to get rich or solve our complex problem. Certain “diet” can help us lose weight and solve our weight problem.

4. Make our dream come true. (Aspiration marketing). We need to elevate beyond ordinary reason for buying. For example, the dream house or dream vacation on the beach.

5. Fear or security. We’re afraid of missing an opportunity – “sales ends by xxx day.” It could be the fear of negative consequences like a fire for buying hazard insurance.

Robert touched on some of the on-line marketing method like using Google adword as small classified. I’ll probably read the book of the same title sometime later. It seems interesting enough.