Quick and Dirty Way of Clearing Your Sink/Tub Drain – Zip-It

My Daughter was complaining about the slow sink drain in her bathroom. She bugged me to “take care of it.” I had some success cleaning the sink drain with this wonderful tool in the past. So I went to Home Depot and purchase a couple of the “Zip-It” sticks. Came home and proceeded to drag out the ugliest bunch of hairball out of the sink within a minute. See the picture below: It took care of the problem pronto. I highly recommend this product. It’s made like a fish bone, easy to slip/push into the drain and snare/drag the hairball/craps out of the drain hole. For just $4, you can save many hours of frustration and nagging from your family members and hundreds of dollars of service charge from your friendly neighborhood plumbers. More information from their website.