Rich Dad’s “Formula for Success”

Last night, I attended Rich Dad’s “Formula for Success” Teleseminar spoken by Blair Singer, the author of the “ABC of Building a Business Team That Wins.”. My take aways are:
1. Be able to Sell
2. Build a Championship team that everyone is able to promote and sell.
3. Able to teach: Teach people to teach allows the organization to replicate the skill set.
4. Have a Good System for people to follow. Systems like accounting, balance sheet, cash flow, training system for selling and etc.
5. Accountability:
a. Accountable to numbers (know your numbers, your financial statement) like # of contacts produces # of leads that produces averages revenue/transaction, and etc. Make people accountable to numbers.
b. Have a code of honor (mentioned in the ABC book). Manage the little voice (self dialog). This is where his seminar is going to go deeper on and of course charging you for the training. Changing the self dialog may have a dramatic effect on people’s productivity and the ability to sell.