Rich Dad’s “Psychology of Winning”

I received this YouTube video link from Rich Dad:
Several of the Rich Dad advisers are in the panel of discussion discussing about their perceive winning. My main takeaways:

1. 4 kinds of people out there in the world: 1) people who needs to win, 2) people who needs to be right, 3) people who needs to be liked, and 4) people who needs to be comfortable. Each of us has some elements in ourselves.

2. The “ungodly” desire to win may result in not associating yourselves with some friends who’s not on the same page any more – the natural selection of friends.

3. Once you get the taste of winning and if you enjoy what you’re doing, you want to keep doing it. It’s addictive.

4. Losing is not bad; it’s how you take it. You should be grateful that you can you another shot at it. Most of the advisers are ‘C’ students, whose desire to beat the ‘A’ students is what drive them to the business world and become entrepreneurs.

5. When people have certain handicap or disadvantages, they would ask “why me?” But If you have certain talents, people usually don’t question “why me?” Instead, one should examine if this is your mission in life to succeed and do better than others.

6. Robert talked about his Vietnam tour as the helicopter pilot. Potential of “dying is the best thing” that could happen. You have the best and not complacent to survive in that world. This transfers to his business life as well.

7. Being a entrepreneur means that you don’t have a paycheck. There is no human resource department to complain to. But it places you to play against the best on the street. It’s a game of winner takes all and it’s rewarding.

The panel first came across as arrogant but then it’s supposed to be a wake up call to the people like me, who probably falls into the category of the people who needs to be comfortable. Does that mean all salary people are losers? Can you continue to win in the professional world? How does that work in a big corporation? Or does it mean going to a start up company and associate yourself with the like-mind who wants to win, not just to be comfortable? Something to think about.