Rome Tour – Vatican – 2015-08-03

This was highlight of the trip and the last of the tour videos. In it, we visited the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, The Vatican Church, and St. Peter’s Square. It’s an awesome, and must-see place to visit at Rome. Going with the early morning 8am guided tour allowed us to cut the line and avoid the crowd. The story of Michael Angelo’s rebellion against the Popes added spice to his master pieces on the roof and the wall of Sistine Chapel. The Vatican museum were too huge and lack center pieces – looked like a hodge-podge collection of donated or “acquired” jewelries. The church was grand and worthy of being the capital of the Catholic church and the center of political power in the old days. But I didn’t care for the dried-up/dead Pope bodies in the church. St Peter’s Square were full of tourists. Some of them were admiring the Swiss Guards and their “funny,” clown-like uniforms.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, as the saying goes, and couldn’t be seen and enjoyed in a day.