Set up Windows Vista to display Chinese Fonts in the filenames

I had an annoying problem on my Vista machine. I couldn’t open up (Word, pdf, Excel, OpenOffice) files with Chinese file names as email attachment. Every time I double-click on the attachment, the application software fails to open the file. Even when I save them first, the file names would get converted to “_” where the Chinese character is.

Thanks to Google, I was able to find the solution to my problem: Set the System Locale to “Chinese.” The detailed steps for Vista are as follows:

Click Start->Setting->”Control Panel” and double click on “Regions and Languages”.
Select Administration Tab
Changed the “System Locale” to “Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)” and click Apply
Reboot the system

That’s all. You should be able to double-click on any attachments (with or without Chinese filenames) and open them up in your applications.