Solaris 10 sendmail relay woe

For the last two weeks since I switched on the new NIS servers, per Sun’s IT mandate, I have not been able to send emails out from my smtp server (my own mail server) running on Solaris 10 x64. Of course, submitting the ticket to our IT department didn’t help because they don’t support “personal” mail servers, due to Sun’s outsourcing effort to cut costs.

Thanks to Google search, I found my clues on the following link:

After changing the following line to my /etc/mail/ , I was able to send mails again.
Amazing! Google may be better than IT support. In fact, I have resolved several installation issues (Apache, MySql) by searching on Google. Why do you need an IT support group when you have Google?

# “Smart” relay host (may be null)
#DS (old setting)

Make sure the sendmail server is re-started with the following command:
svcadm restart smtp