Sony Studio Tour

For many years that I lived in my parents’ house in West Los Angeles, I heard about the Culver City Studio but I never bothered visiting or taking a tour of the place. During the spring break, I decided to check it out and took my daughter to take the tour.

This ex-MGM studio was where “Wizard of Oz,” “Dancing in the Rain,” “Air Force 1” and many of the old movies were filmed. Currently, the famous game shows “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy” are still be recorded there. We were able to visit the Jeopardy studio and the studio of “The Goldbergs” sitcom. Most of “stages” were off-limit to tourists though.

My daughter and I were glad to take 2 hours visiting this place. It brought back lots of memory and gave us a glimpse of the not-so glamorous back stages. This was educational.