Sprinkler Valve Leaks – How I Repaired and Replaced them

My neighbor and I have been chasing down the root cause of the water leaving out from the water meter into the street. It’s a serious offence now we’re in a serious drought here in California. We originally suspected that it was coming out of his main faucet. The water company (San Jose Water Co.) came out to inspect in the summer and fixed some gasket. Now it’s happening again. I then noticed that water was leaking out of my sprinkler valve. So I decided to fix it once and for all. I thought it was a simple task of cleaning the diaphragm. After I opened it it, I determined that the diaphragm was pretty worn out. Upon checking out the price of the diaphgragm (~$8) and comparing it to a new valve ($14), I decided to replace the entire valve instead. No sense replacing a sub par parts when I can get a brand new one. The challenge is to adapting the valve to the copper piping as PVC pipe is much easier to work with. Then I discovered the adjacent value was leaking very badly too. And it got more interesting…
Check out my video how I got the valve(s) replaced here:

One thought on “Sprinkler Valve Leaks – How I Repaired and Replaced them”

  1. I like this video as he repaired the main problem but Murphy laws got in the way and created another problem , he was successful in fixing both without to much off camera cursing, the finished product was great I appreciated the grunting and whistling sounds as you could tell he was enjoying his work and has owners pride which is rare , I want this man as my neighbor.

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