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Router Woe – Can’t access my own website

We have not been able to access my own hosted webiste for a couple of days and yet no problem at work or other websites. After complaining to Comcast and trying a couple of tricks from Comcast that didn’t work. I’ve decided to do my own experiment.

I found two issues:
The Comcast modem seems to have a problem hooking up to the Vonage modem or the Airlink router. I’ve tried different network cables to no avail. The only trick that works consistently is to power off the modem and power it up *last*. This seems to do the trick. This trick is not needed if I hook up my laptop directly to the modem. I suspect some kind of electrical ground loop problem.

Another problem I discovered was that the Vonage router/phone adapter (V-portal) was the root cause of the problem. If I connect the Airlink Router directly to the Comcast (Motorola) modem, all is well. For some reasons, the Vonage router seems to have developed a network issue when connected to a certain website but OK to others. Very strange. Perhaps, it’s on its last leg – not likely since it’s only a few months old.

So now, I have the Vonage modem connected to the Internet through the Airlink Router. There may be choppy voice quality issue if there is heavy network traffic. But it’ll have to do, as this Vonage modem can no longer perform the “gateway” job. Let’s see how long this configuration is going to work for me.