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Movie Review: “The Legend of Bagger Vance”

Matt Damon is that the has-been golf player from a small town of Savanah, Georgia. He went out to the First World War and came back a changed, broken man; he lost his courage and authenticity, having seen the war and the injury done to his fellow soldier because his leadership. Thanks to the young kid, the narrator of the movie, he was given another chance to show his skill and reveal his true authenticity in a big showdown with two other big-name golfers. The exhibition golf tournament was put together by his ex-wife/fiance, who attempted to resurrect the almost defunct golf course business due to the onset of the Great Depression, the economic impact of which caused her father to commit suicide.

Bagger Vance, performed by Will Smith, was the caddy for Matt during the tournament. In this fiction, he acted like the golf god whose attempt to “teach” Matt humility, honesty, and focus resulted in his tying the game with the other two golfers. He could have won the game had he give in to the temptation of winning and losing his integrity along the way. Of course, the end result was that he won the heart of his woman again.

This is a very good movie and a must see who enjoys playing golf. I don’t think golf can really teach people about the lessons of life but I know how humbling it could be.