The Bells of Mindfulness at Montalvo Arts Center

I happened to stop by Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, California at the end of my daughter’s summer camp when this exhibit and performance took place. It’s called “The Bells of Mindfulness” by Tiffany Singh, the artist who elegantly hung all the bells and origami cranes on a persimmon tree inside the Italianate Garden inside the Montalvo Arts Center.

After a conversation with the artist, people gathered in front of the persimmon tree and watched the “Activation of The Bells of Mindfulness – An Offering for Ending and Beginning” performance by Lauren Baine, followed by the giving of the bells to the public.

The tree was beautifully decorated and the performance mesmerizing. The was no music – just the resonances of the bells as the dancer flowed and danced through the “forest” of bells and paper cranes. We managed to pick up 4 bells of different sizes at the end when all the bells were freely removed and taken home by the audience.

It’s a very refreshing and rewarding experience.