Upgrading Asus NetPC/Eee PC 1000HE with 2GB DIMM

Fry’s was having a sale last weekend on PNY’s 2GB SO-DIMM ($23-$10 Rebate). So I bought one and tried to replace the existing 1GB SO-DIMM that came with the unit.

First I powered down the system, followed by removing the power and the battery to make sure nothing “hot” during installation. Then all I needed to do was to unscrew the two screws on the bottom and “slide” out the cover. That was easy.

But upon reboot, it failed to recognize the additional memory even after a couple of reboots. So I got into the BIOS screen (F2 key upon power up) and verified the BIOS has recognized the 2GB DIMM. Then the computer registered 2GB of memory. It appears that the BIOS does not “explore” additional memory space automatically without going into the BIOS setup screen. I updated the BIOS just in case I have a down level BIOS.

All is well now. I don’t know if the net $14 investment was worth it since Windows XP Home works fine with 1GB of DIMM and I usually just check emails and browse nets, which normally does not require a lot of memory. But there will be some rare occasion when I need the extra memory….