Waterfree Urinals – how refreshing!

Today, I attended a music recital at one of Santa Clara University’s concert hall. During the intermission, as usual, I had to use the restroom. So I relieved myself on this Falcon Waterfree urinal but I couldn’t find the flushing valve when I was done. Upon reading the sign, I discovered this was a waterfree urinal. I’ve heard about this from Wall Street Journal last year or so but never used one. The natural thing for me to do was to take a deep breath and tried to sniff out any odd oder. None. How curious and nice!

When I came home, I did my research on how this water free urinal work and was utterly impressed with its simplicity. Click here for more details on this technology. I was suspicious of the proprietary cartridge cost, which is $35 for 7000 usages. Not bad at all. They even have monthly plan with or without installation.

This is a real winner from the business, and users’ and environmental perspective. Would be nice to install one at home. Probably hard to justify since I’m the only male in the household. 🙂