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Sceneries Around Lake Tahoe

One of our favorite family getaway spots is Lake Tahoe, roughly 4-hour drive from our Bay Area home. Today is our day tour around Lake Tahoe. This was the first time we took the time to go around the lake and enjoy the beautiful nature. Here are some of the pictures I took.

Beautiful lake view taken from the vista point near Incline Village:

South Lake Tahoe View from the 18th floor of Harrah’s Casino:
Harrah's Casino View

Emerald Bay view:
Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay Panoramic View:
Emerald Bay Panoramic

Beach panoramic scenes from Hyatt Regency of Incline Village where we stayed for tea and coffee enjoying the sunset:

Sunset View next to the fire pit:
Firepit Sunset View

Crystal Cove Park – Newport Coast Ocean Views

Hiked to the beach in the Crystal Cove Park of the Newport Coast and took this panoramic photo. What a beautiful day it was. It was warm ~70F and a bit windy – best for hiking. My daughter and I had a good time.


Here’s the picture I took from our unit in the Marriott Newport Villa Resort, overlooking the golf coure. This is the unit with the best view we have stayed in:


Happy New Year and Best Wishes!

My tour of the USS Midway in San Diego Harbor

Dropped by the San Diego Harbor and took photos of the USS Midway. I didn’t really get in to the museum itself but the look from outside in the park was more than enough for me. I was pleasantly surprised by the huge “Kiss – Unconditional Surrender” sculpture outside the USS Midway Ship. I am impressed by how real and huge the sculpture it is. With USS Midway’s standing behinds it, it seems to symbolizes how much of the “fruit” (sweet kiss of two strangers) is derived from the all mighty power of the US Military. Can’t help to admire the rise of a great nation from its humbling beginning about 237 years ago. Here are the photos:




My Visit to Hong Kong’s Ritz Carlton at Sky 100 – Views from the 104th floor dining room

For work, I recently traveled to China via Hong Kong. Had an opportunity to have a breakfast at Ritz Carlton top of the Sky 100 – the tallest building (1,588 ft) in Hong Kong. This beautifully-architected ICC Tower building stands tall in the Kowloon area.

Took some pictures from inside the Ritz Carlton here:

Panoramic View from the big dining room:
2013-09-27 08.51.34

Panoramic Windows View of the Victoria Harbor:
2013-09-27 09.25.12

A good view from the men’s room.
2013-09-27 09.46.18

Lobby level – looks down from the top:
2013-09-27 09.41.56

Formal Dining Room – Panoramic View
2013-09-27 09.44.53